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Community Review by Arch7ngel

by Arch7ngel Aug 11, 2010

Hey guys, I originally did this review as a joke but I decided it would be better off being an actual review, so here's the redone version. It's just my opinions and views, enjoy.


Since you can't go play this it only makes sense that I give you an idea of how I seen it, here's some history. For the newer user this is often just a source of annoyance when some older user starts complaining how they miss the "good old days", or reminiscing some event from long ago, but for some older users it is the reason they still come to the site. Let me give an idea of how it was, to the best I can.

It started on other pages, of course, there was no community page back when people started chatting. The Pokemon pages were the main places where off topic socializing would go on, people would just talk about whatever and some regular users appeared. Drama appeared, people started role-playing, making friends, and having chats that were longer than the longest chats on the official community pages. There was also things such as page wars between people who frequented different Pokemon game pages, and there was monarchies with some users pretending to be kings of pages. That was a great time to be on cheatsguru, and the favorite time of most of the users who were around then. I don't remember when it was but eventually the administration decided all the random socializing needed a place to go, so the community page was made and people started migrating.

Once chatting picked up on the new community page things got interesting again. First off there was a few role-playing forums and contests, it was a happy time mostly. People cared about each other and at most times of the day there would be people on willing to have a chat about anything and nothing, Q&A's with over 100 answers were common. The community went through a few fazes at about this point, such as drama about people putting chatzy embeds, a bunch of online relationships, and a few almost notable trolls. Many of the oldest well known users began fading away at this point, eventually leaving a community with a majority of new users. Again, a somewhat interesting stage ensued. There was drama over trolls and impersonators, a big fiasco about too many role-playing forums, /b/ memes infesting, users messing with HTML codes, and everyone wanted to be a moderator.

Finally things quieted down, as if everyone had gotten bored of it all. This was a drought for the community with many of the users only dropping by once in a while to claim the place as "dead". This just about finished the last of the older users who were still visiting regularly, and many of the newer ones too. Q&A's were lucky to get over 10 replies. This went on for a while, until new faces began finding the community page and things have been looking brighter. This is about where the community stands today, at least from my point of view.

Notes: (1) I probably forgot events worth mentioning and/or have some things in the wrong place or order. (2)When I say "new users" I mean at the time they were new to the community, many of the said "new users" are now valued and respected members of the community. My point is I'm not implying that users who have come during the later times are in any way less important to the community, in fact I resent that thought. (3)Yes, it is an opinionated overview.


Not always a great place to hang out, but sometimes it is, and that's why we hang around. Sometimes some users are pretty annoying and cause trouble, but we can't stop that. CG Community holds a lot of memories for me. Many friends who I consider good friends(and so many gone), many long conversations about stuff, I even miss all the drama that we had and I hope there's more to come, hopefully good. Sometimes everyone seems to just want to hate and fight, but I know that's going to happen on a site full of teenagers. This community is unique from all the others in my opinion because how we all get to know each other. It's small enough so everybody can actually meet each other which really makes this place great. It's easy to make friends here, but some people don't really try. Sometimes I think we need some more interesting ideas here to kick start some fun, but I don't know. It doesn't matter what happens to this community, it will always have a place in my memory, and hopefully I will keep being a part of it and having fun for much more time.


Well that's it for my review, feel free to judge away in the comments!

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
See Above. I don't really know how to judge this, I guess it's not really even applicable for a storyline. It's a different experience for everyone, for me it's been a roller-coaster. I give it a 10, for all my friends.
Again, not really applicable. Well I guess I could judge the look of the site, even though that's not really about the community. It's one of the prettiest sites I know, I love the layout, the colors, everything but the ads.
It doesn't really have sound, except for the ads that sometimes play. Most of the time it's quiet though, which is all I could expect from a site. Eh, I don't even know how to judge this, I guess I'll give it a 7 because of the nasty ads.
It doesn't have gameplay, unless you count the cg flash game Alex made. Still, not really related to this. I'll give it a 10, no explanation needed.
9Lasting Appeal
This varies for everyone, but for me this place has got me coming back over and over. Many users would call it addictive, good replay value if you ask me. It gets a 9, one off for the occasional repetitiveness.
(Out of 10)


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