Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review :

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Review

by Nemanzin Apr 17, 2012

Skyrim is a game that truly can't be taken in at a glance. Or five. Or even a good long stare. As all you TES (Short for The Elder Scrolls, referring to the series) fans will know, Skyrim is an open-ended RPG in which you can literally be anyone. There is an almost never-ending supply of quests, Easter Eggs, and ways to play the game. You can be a lowly thief, a prestigious mage, a valiant knight, a sneaky assassin, a sharp-eyed archer; and so much more. Most hardcore RPG fans will agree that this is an incredibly game, when it works correctly. There are a lot of bugs in Skyrim, some of them game-breaking, some just minor annoyances, but you can pretty much never complete a playthrough without encountering several bugs.

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8Story line
In Skyrim, the player is tasked with huntng down and killing dargons, which have returned to the land after an absence of several hundred years. While the final fight is a tad easy, it's still a fairly good storyline.
Skyrim's graphics are virtually unmatched among video games, and several time I've seen nature shots from Skyrim that I couldn't tell apart from real imagery without being told. Aside from a handful of minor graphical glitches, Skyrim is the mother of all video game graphics.
Skyrim's sound is also very convincing. Wolves howl before attacking, you can hear the wood bending when you draw your bow, and magic fizzles in your viens when you cast it. From the ambient sounds of nature to the hollow, echoey drip-drop of a humid cave, the sound in Skyrim is quite realistic.
The gameplay in Skyrim is very fun and immersive with how open-ended the whole thing is, and the only reason I gave this category a seven is because of the large amount of bugs. As I said before, some are minor and some game-breaking, but you probably won't play through the game without finding one.
9Lasting Appeal
Skyrim has a very long-lasting appeal to it, with you being able to make a seemingly infinite amount of save files, all with different classes, races, and personalities. You can choose a play style that suits you, and play thorugh with that. And when you're done, pick one outside your comfort zone.
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