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Gangland Cheats :

This cheat for Gangland [PC] has been posted at 26 Apr 2005 by Unregistered and is called "Cheats - Cheat mode". If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up Unregistered and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 7 other cheats for Gangland, look them as soon as possible!

Cheats - Cheat mode

by Unregistered Apr 26, 2005

Being the worst player in multi-player, or not being
able to get very far in skirmish mode is not very uncommon. When
you start the game in either online multi-player or skirmish mode
offline, you will begin in your office. You will have either one
bouncer or one henchman (man with Tommy gun). Usually if you wait
ten seconds, a citizen will come in and ask for a favor. The citizen
is usually a handgun person or bouncer. They will ask you to kill
one or two people (depending on where the map is). If you kill
those people, the person you did the favor for will be under your
control. When you have three men (including your Boss) you can
do one of two things.
The first option is to wait in your office for some good calls
to come in. You should take any call and accept it; if it includes
ammunition. Sometimes the caller will offer you a unit for money.
The better the unit, the more money. Sometimes they will ask you
to kill a store manager, and in exchange you can get money or
units. It is recommended that you lay off of the "killing
store manager" calls because the more units he is offering,
the longer distance and more difficult the job will be. Usually
you will have to go into enemy territory, which is not recommended
-- the CPU automatically starts off with a wife and sometimes
more units, depending on what difficulty level you put them as.
Just stay away from their territory until you have at least six
men. You should always have $3,000 in case the Chief of Police
appears and asks for money. He will always ask for $3,000, and
if you do not pay him quickly enough or not at all, all police
will shoot you and try to get into your safe house. If you are
in the suburbs, you do not need to worry about the police as there
are none there.
The second option is to extort or take over an ammunition store.
The store owner will pay you good money and all the supplies you
will need.
If you finished the first option, go to the second option, and
vice versa. After you are done with both of them, buy a food-type
place (restaurants, etc.). This is where you will recruit men.
Getting about two restaurants or whatever, is better. After that,
recruit bouncers and henchmen. Do not waste your money on street
girls, unless you already have a good amount of men. Street girls
are worthless in groups, unless you have good fast shooters to
back them up. Get about one to three bouncers and two or three
henchmen, depending on your leadership level. Gunmen can be used
instead of henchmen if you wish. You now should have one boss
with at least his second weapon (from weapons dealer); A strong
force of about one to three bouncers, and about two or three henchmen
or gunmen. When you have this force, try to upgrade their weapons
to the highest you can. Go on a extorting/taking over spree around
with a few good businesses. Distilleries are excellent if you
have restaurants because the restaurants can sell beer to gain
more money for you.
Get married after you have Found a church. Meet a girl and spend
the money she asks for (anywhere from $4,000 to about $18,000)
and then find a church. Do not go walking around with your girlfriend
looking for one or you will get killed by your enemies. Send a
scout out to do it. Once you have a church, send your boss and
a bouncer or two and a henchman or gunman there and get married.
Then, get back to the safe house. Make one or two henchmen stand
guard at the windows (clicking on henchmen or gunmen and right
clicking on desk), and mate with your wife. After a short time
you will either have a lawyer child, a seductress child or an
enforcer child. Enforcers may be the best -- marry a sporty wife
if you want better enforcer children. Seductresses are also good.
They can "convert" police and enemies to your side.
Lawyers are also good. They can hire people to work for you off
the streets, instead of having to do it inside of a restaurant.
Enforcers just kill. They can hold two Tommy guns, where as the
other under bosses cannot carry any weapons.
If you get a lawyer, set him up inside of your best store to raise
its revenue. If you get a seductress, put her at the desk so that
you can answer the phone while your boss if fighting or doing
something else. If you have an enforcer under boss, take him with
you on your raids and bring him into fights. He has excellent
accuracy, health and stamina.
If you get your leadership up high enough, you should get about
five good melee units, about six good shooters, and as many special
units as you can fit into your gang. You should raise three under
bosses with your wife, upgrade the weapons of all of your men,
set your restaurants and such to sell beer to the back-room people,
buy any special stores that produce goods like clothes, jewelry,
beer, stolen goods and embarrassing photos, and get as many men
as you can handle. You should keep your store managers safe, and
get vehicles when you can steal or but them.
Another great idea is to take a bomber (Russian unit) and bomb
the police station if possible. Unless you are in the suburbs,
find the police station and set up a bomber in there. There will
be no more cops for you.
Keep your eye on the newspaper man. He will tell you if you have
a price on your head or anything else. Also, answer the phone.
Sometimes it will be rats calling you, giving you information
and sometimes you can get incredible prices for amazing things.
Finally, kill your enemies. It is good to go directly to their
safe-house (unless you do not see a lot of their men near the
streets. This either means that they are all inside their safe-house
or they may be heading towards your safe-house). If you play a
map where not all players are playing, there will be a certain
number of safe-houses with no human-controlled players inside,
only hoodlums. This is a great opportunity. You should always
use a fast-moving unit with good stamina (not your boss) to get
around the streets, and look inside buildings quickly and quietly.
This is also useful to see how many hoodlums are guarding certain
stores and empty safe-houses.
Trainer: +2
Trainer: +7 v1.1 by HeAT
Trainer: +4 v1.2 by Bie

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