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GSP - Minecraft - infdev - v1.1.2_01

by AlexGETsomePIE Oct 07, 2010

Before I start, this is the Alpha version of the game, as stated in the title. I am going to point out flaws that may be corrected in the future, which is another reason why I included the version of the game that I'm reviewing in here. I also plan on writing new reviews as major upgrades/updates are released.

Now, the main point of this game is to survive and to build your house or base. If you want, you can spend your game simply mining and building your house on a peaceful mode until you are ready to take on the skeletons and zombies that await. The game is entirely made of blocks, the graphics are unimpressive, but honestly they couldn't be any other way. You mine blocks by going up to them and clicking until they break, where you can pick them up and use them anywhere else. To build your house, to make a stairway, or to make building tools or weapons. Basically, you mine, you create, and you defend. There isn't much to the game that won't be explained in the sub sections below. The game itself is actually kind of hard to explain. It's a sandbox game, the world map is a big as you want it to be, and you can do whatever you want with the terrain, with enough time of course.

Remember, this game is still in Alpha. There really isn't much to say about it or it's multiplayer yet. The gameplay is amazing though, and it's definitely a game that everybody has to try.

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4Story line
There isn't a story-line to this game, and to be fair not even a tutorial. I would give it a 5 to be fair, but since there isn't a tutorial you'll probably find yourself looking up online guides on other sites to find out what to do.
The graphics are bad, fit for the N64 if not previous consoles. In some ways this is necessary as you build everything out of blocks, and the graphics don't take away from the game one bit.
The sound is, depressing to say the least. I don't think it fits the game very well at all, and it comes and goes almost at random. The sound effects however, are decent.
The gameplay is where this game shines. It's simply amazing and extremely fun and addicting. This is what makes this game so fun and has made so many people interested in it.
9Lasting Appeal
The lasting appeal is great as well. You will find yourself playing it for a long time and not getting bored, the sky is the limit, almost literally. Some of the more creative ones might find themselves getting bored quickly, but that isn't the care for most people.
(Out of 10)


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