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MineCraft Review :

Life your life play in mines (thats how good minecraft is)

by digimontamer12 Dec 20, 2011

Minecraft is a great game i've been playing it a lot lately so i decided to give it a review.before you read this i want to say i have been trying to get whitelisted on a multiplayer server it is hard also i have been going on minecraft wiki a lot to find out some stuff like how to et wheat how to make some bonemeal that can automatically grow a plant to its full version also i found out that you can control snowgolems there epic stuff! also i've been playing it in browser all the time instead of downloading it onto my laptop to save time and my laptop's memory. also i've been watching other miners on youtube play minecraft including someone who set his house alight and ralph from the simpsons and i even saw mojang playing it. (mojang is the company who made minecraft god bless mojang)

  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
10Story line
its a bit confusing but when you clear the main acheivements and the story ends you probably havent visted the nether yet or you haven't seen gold yet cause you took to long trying to find diamonds to advance in the story id say finding diamonds is one of the most hardest parts
ok i will admit it there very pixely but minecraft is a game about a person in a VIRTUAL world so it's 100 bit no resolution there still pretty good.
music by c418 a band that i found out from minecraft there not that bad there quite good but they arent the best choice.
the fun never ends with so many things mining,fighting,crafting, brewing,smelting,farming, hunting,breeding,digging, transporting,eating,climb ing and multiplayers econamy mode.
10Lasting Appeal
i've been playing this for weeks and i havent finshed everything in single player plus i still need to start multiplayer.
(Out of 10)


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