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Pokemon Crystal Cheats :

This cheat for Pokemon Crystal [PC] has been posted at 18 Dec 2006 by da code master and is called "Hints - Hints all around!". The Cheat have a rating 2 by 2 our users. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up da code master and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 0 other cheats for Pokemon Crystal, look them as soon as possible!

Hints - Hints all around!

by da code master Dec 18, 2006

In the back of each puzzle room in the Ruins of Alph is a word formed by
the unknowns. They require you doing things in order to get into the
back room. In one place you most equip a water stone. In another, you
must put a hooh frist in your party. In another you must use an escape
rope or flash. Once in the back room pick up the items that fall through
the hole to find a room with a message about unknown. Fall down a hole
there to return to the unknown shrine.

Hook up the mobile adapter*. Go to the communication center in
goldenrod, and read the message on the lockers to the right of the room.
They will talk about a present from the future. Leave and the blue
headed nurse will ask you to defeat all 16 gym leaders in order to
obtain the GS ball. Once you have done so give the ball to kurt. the
next day he will give it back. put it in the shrine in the ilex forest
and a level 30 celebi will appear to fight you.

Find a suicune in three different places( right out of natinal park,
below the bush by mount mortar, and up in cianwood), then go to tin
tower and a suicune will appear to fight you.

Mysterious channel 13.5:
use your radio in the ruins of alph to tune into channel 13.5. you will
hear strange sounds made by the unowns.

Pokemon/Item Duplication:
-Pick the Pokemon and item you want to duplicate
-Equip the chosen item onto the chosen Pokemon
-Go to Bill's PC and switch boxes
-Deposit the Pokemon with the item
-Switch Boxes again
-Turn off the Gameboy when it says "SAVING... DONT TURN OFF THE
POWER" (Let the whole thing come up.)
-Turn the power back on.
-You will have the Pokemon with the Item in your party and your PC.
***This code works great with rare candies and masterballs***

Legendary dogs:
The Legendary Dogs are Raikou, Entei, and Suicune. You will find Entei
and Raikou after you have scared them away from the Burned Tower, but
you will have to do more to find Suicune. Suicune can be caught at the
Tin Tower in Ecrukteak City after you have received the Clear Bell from
the Station Manager, have defeated the Ecrukteak City Gym Leader, scared
away Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, and have defeated the Wise Trio. Only
when the those tasks have been completed, will you be able to fight

Find Suicune (Suikun) in three different places (right out of National
Park, below the bush by Mount Mortar, and up in Cianwood). Then, go to
Tin Tower, and Suicune will appear to fight you.

Get People to Call You on your Cell Phone:
First, go to New Bark Town. Walk inside your house and talk to your mom.
When she asks about switching around Daylight Savings Time, answer yes.
After talking to her, over 75% of the time, a person will call you. You
can even get items and hear about swarms this way.

How to get fly...

Surf to Cianwood city, defeat the gym leader
When you're done doing doing that, talk to the girl next to the gym and
she will
give you HM 02. It contains FLY.
NOTE: First you need to get surf.

How to get a free egg:
When you exit the forest from Azelai Town go to the Daycare and talk to
the man and he will give you an egg.I was lucky and got a Tyrouge, plus
the pokemon you get wiil have the attack Dizzy Punch.The pokemon will
also be on level 5.

Mysterious Channel 20.1:
Turn your radio to 20.1 at the lake of rage and you'll hear strange

Buy rare candies:
First (after you've got a radio card) turn your radio to channel 10.5
(only from 6:00pm-12:00am)you will hear a channel called Buena's
Password. Go to the radio tower and talk to the lady on the 2nd floor.
She will give u a blue card. Next talk to the lady again she will ask u
what is the password. If u enter it correctly she'll give u a point on
your blue card. The lady next to her give's u stuff for your points.
Save 3 points on your card to get a rare candy

How to Catch Lugia and Ho-Oh:
First you must have the Train ticket or the S.S Aqua.Then Fly to Pewter
City then, by the entrance of of all the trainers on the path to Mt.Moon
talk to him and he will give you the item he found in Johto (the Silver
Wing. )then surf to the last Whirl Isle Then destory the the whirl pool
and go to the end and Lugia will fight you.

Ho- oh
To catch Ho-Oh is Difficult to catch Because you have to find Sucine 3
times (Outside of national park, In front of Mt.Mortar, and on by the
photo guy's house) then rescue the director and you will receive the
Clear bell then fight the wise trio and the will let you go into the tin
tower to fight sucine,but you have to catch him.Then once you have
sucine go to blackthrorn city and buy a couple max repels.Then use then
and seach around kanto and johto then nothing but Entei or Raikou will
come up.After you catch all three legendary dogs go back to pewter and
talk to the guy who gave you the silver feather and he'll say i went
back to Johto and found this item and he'll give you the rainbow
wing.then go back to tin tower and go to the back and you'll see stairs,
then go up all the stairs and you'll see Ho-Oh

note:use Ultra or fast balls on all
2cnd note:you'll need all 16 bagdes to do these

How To get Corsola:
You can get it at Canewood City on the shoreline or at the second city
that your go to at the Shoreline.

How to find Lanturn:
Go to Pallet Town and fish in the water at Pallet Town with a Super
Rod.If you keep on trying, you'll eventually find a LV. 40 Lanturn.

Goldenrod TM man:
Every Wednesdays and Saturdays, a man will appear outside of Goldenrods
casino. If you have 4,000 coins in your coin box he can teach your
pokemon these special attacks (only one Pokemon a day): Flamethrower,
Icebeam, and Thunderbolt.

Get to Mt Silver:
To get to Mt Silver you must beat all the gym leaders then talk to
professor oak and he lets you go to Mt Silver and in Mt Silver you can
beat Red [Ash] and it does the credits again.....The path to Mt Silver
is simple.you go to the indigo platou and go to the left and you are
there. You can catch sneasel in the grassy areas by the pokemon center
by mt silver.but only at night.
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Added by: Unregistered
Date: 04/27/2005
7 of 11 people found this cheat helpful
Rate my team:
Typhlosion:Lvl100 Flame Wheel
Fire Punch
Quick Attack
Sacred Fire
Fire Blast
Dragon Breath
Water Fall
Hydro Pump
Giga Drain
Ice Punch
Body Slam

Rare Candies:
First of all you need to have gotten Team Rocket out of the radio tower in Goldenrod.Once you've done that you go back to the radio tower after 6:00 and go upstairs to level 2. Then go straight down and talk to the lady sitting down. Her name is Beuna. She will give you a Blue card. Then go back the next day after six and tune into her staition.
She will say the password. Then talk to her and she will ask you for the password and give you a list of possible answers. Select the one you heard on the radio and she will give you one point. Once you have three points you can talk to the lady standing behind Beuana dressed in green. You may exchange your three points for a rare candy. You can only get one point a night!!

Master balls and cloning:
Just clone to get lots of master balls and heres how to clone... Put Pokemon in PC in an empty box and change to box 6 and while saving turn it, off and on again and two of your pals will be waiting.

Easy Things You Might Know Already:
In order to raise anysort of pokemon, you can give it EXP. SHARE. Next, do the pokemon league. Even if you don't beat Lance, the pokemon you gave EXP. SHARE to will be strong!!!!!
(My Dratini became a Dragonair by doing this!)
Hehe. BYE!!!!

how to copy pokemon:
I've got two ways to do it
go to the pokemon center and use the computer go to Bills pc.
next empy box 6 and put in only the pokemon that you want to copy then switch to an other box that is empty when it ses don't tun off the power turn it off and leav it for a few seconds and the
pokemon will be in your party and the other will be in box 6.
#2you will need two games and gamboys for this one.go to the trading center and trade the pokemon that you want to copy then
save the game on the gamboy that receved the pokemon and don't
save on the gmeboy that gave and shut off the gameboy that gave and unplug the cable and turn it backon and you both will have that pokemon this way to copy will let you copy any pokemon unlike the firstway.

No one thought it was possible.......
*slaps her self and says: Just get to the point*
You can clone pokemon on crystal version!!!!!
Give two items to two pokemon.
Then save now go to a pc. go to bills pc deposit the two pokemon you gave items to in any box except box six.
When it says saving....... don't turn power off.

Turn the power off. it could mess up you're game though.... but when you go to withdraw it hold A for a while. (if it is messed up)then just release the messed up pokemon. this cheat works 75% of the time.
Hope I helped. by the way my name is Jade and I love pokemon!
See ya! ^_^
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Added by: Unregistered
Date: 05/25/2006
3 of 4 people found this cheat helpful
99 rare candy:

Its the same thing as u duplicate ur pokemon,
a)give ur pokemon the rare candy
b)turn it off wen it say saving do not turn off the power
c)keep on doin it until u get 99 rare candy

trust me it works
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Added by: Unregistered
Date: 10/02/2006
2 of 2 people found this cheat helpful
How To Start The Game With Ho-Oh:
take 20 or more poke balls then cut down any tree and go to were the tree was standing and save your game then shut the game boy off then turn it back on and find a ditto in 3:oo minutes then save and shut off then start a new game and you have ho-oh.
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Added by: Unregistered
Date: 12/11/2006
1 of 1 people found this cheat helpful
How to get Berserk Gene:
Do you want to find the DNA of Mewtwo? Then listen up. Remember the guy in Cerulean that had the itemfinder that kept going off? You probably haven't found the item yet. You find it on the water, so have a Pokemon
with surf. Surf to the area two spaces away from the itemfinder guy. You should be on the same line as him.
Surf left in a straight line until there is one space between you and the left rock. Click A and you will get the Berserk Gene. You give it to your Pokemon like a berry (holding it). In a battle, it will kick in immediatly. The great thing is that it DOUBLES your Pokemon's ATTACK stat. The bad things are that it confuses your Pokemon and after one battle, the Berserk Gene will be gone. There is only ONE in the game so use wisely OR clone.
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Added by: Blazicool
Date: 10/03/2006
0 of 0 people found this cheat helpful
Go into Tin Tower wen u have done something,(I forgot), and Suicune will be there at lvl 40 or 35.

Choose Cyndaquil he is the strongest for the gyms.

Pokemon Duplication:
Go to a PC and select the pokemon u want to dupe. Put it in the PC and then close down the PC. Save the game but when it says SAVING, DON'T TURN OFF THE POWER... turn the game off right wen it says that and turn it back on. Look in your pokemon party. You will have your pokemon, and if u look in the PC, you should have a duplicated pokemon! Sometimes this does not work. Dont blame me if it doesnt because it did for me.

Rare Candy:
Go to Goldenrod's Radio Tower and do that question thing on the 2nd floor and u get a token or something. If u get 5 tokens u get a rare candy and then u can duplicate it with your pokemon! (Above) Then u hav unlimited rare candies.
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Added by: Unregistered
Date: 07/31/2006
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How To Get A Wheezing:
First you need to go to the burnt tower and you can only try to catch him once every day now this might take awhile to find wheezing but hes on my pokedex and ive been tring to catch him just so you know he will use self-destruct hope ive been of assistance
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Added by: Unregistered
Date: 07/24/2006
0 of 0 people found this cheat helpful
Free 17000 + money:
okay this is easy all you have to do is to go to any pokemon center then once inside go to the second floor there will be a lady in the desk when you talk to her she will give you an item if you sell that item to a MART or market (POKEMON STORE) you will earn an easy 17000+ money P.S. it works anytime you want to do it! just remember to talk to the lady in the second floor of any pokemon center then sell the item to a MART
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