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Poptropica Review :

Actually, its a pretty good online game

by cheatgurugye Oct 14, 2010

I think this game is actually pretty good. Its basically a game where there's islands that you go to, then complete the island to get 100 credits. Those are things you get after completing an island and you spend them in the Poptropica store to get costumes, and special gold cards that unlock alot of different, fun things. But a few islands can take as less as 8 minutes to compleat. But some take forever to complete, I think they're more fun that way. I also like it because its compleatly free! No subscribitions, no money needed to play, inless you want to buy credits. Face island bosses, find friends online, fly to different islands. There's no limit to what you can do on Poptropica!


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8Story line
Well there's actually alot of story lines because they're different for each island. But they're all fun. Ok, you ride in a hot air ballon to change islands, and challenge other people with games and stuff, ect... But I give it an 8 because a few islands way too easy and short, but sometimes fun.
I guess the graphics are ok, for a cartoon sort-of-game. But the islands are very detailed, the water, the buildings, and other stuff are pretty cool thoe.
I give it a 1 because there isn't any sound! There's only speach bubbles. But I'd really like it if they added some.
You can battle bosses, battle friends, see your self (your character) in the future, battle mecanical monsters, go to different planets, go to Mount Olympus, and so much more! So I'll have to give the gameplay a 10!
10Lasting Appeal
Poptropica is a great thing for kids 4-13, after that you kinda lose intrest in it. But its really fun and funny sometimes, so go play Poptropica today!!!
(Out of 10)


holly678910    wrote on oct 23, 2010 7:48 pm

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