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Poptropica Review :

Great Online Virtual World

by sdan12 Aug 01, 2011

This game is a fun online virtual game. The best part is that there's no end to what you can do here! You can go back in time to the ancient Aztecs or you could go and fly in the air like a super hero and arrest villains! One of the benefits of this game is that you don't have to download anything to play this. And it's kid friendly too! No private information is required. I don't think you have to even provide an email. In this game there is no particular storyline either. Like on one island it's all based on Mythology and on a another island is based on a spy organization. And there is a membership but it doesn't affect you too much not to have it. And on each island there is a place where you can battle and chat with other players. This game is a really fun online game. To play this go to: www.poptropica.com and try it out!

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9Story line
There is no specific storyline at all. The storyline is diffrent on every island.Like one island is centered on time travel and another is centered on Greek Mythology.
Yeah, the graphics are really good for a virtual too. There is a very simple look to Poptropica in general.
There is no sound. Everybody talks in these little bubbles on the screen. The only sound that is there is if you press play on something.
The gameplay is really good. Your character does whatver you click and you can jump on buildings too. And most of the time all you need is the mouse.
10Lasting Appeal
This game is a very a awesome virtual world. Kids of all ages can play this game.It's very kid freindly too.The only chatting that happens with real players is a question or anwser that you have to pick froma list.And I think this is a really good game for all ages.I hope you enjoy this game.
(Out of 10)


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