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Poptropica Review :

a good game depending on what you like

by katiebug1221 Jul 16, 2012

It's mostly, just a little world were each island is a level . I would have to say it's best played for kids around the age of 10 . Most little kids will be too frusterated when trying to go through these islands , and honestly I have had trouble on a few. There isn't really much to do multiplayer wise .You can go into multiplayer rooms aka common rooms but your chat is very limited and there isn't many multiplayer games . It is still a fun game that I would recomend to most kids depending on their age and what games they do play.I would consider this game to be a mixture of strategy and hidden objects at some points because of they way each island goes

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8Story line
There really isn't much of a story , well there is on each island.Each island is,well,hard to explain but your going through step by step trying to beat the island and some parts you will just get stuck.
There is poor graphics and on a scale of 1 to 10 it's a 3 because it is allmost like they are little stick figures wearing clothes and the islands around them aren't very reallistic. I would have to say the best graphics I have ever seen is skyrim.
Honestly there is no sound witch really bumps poptropicas score down but if it had sound and a few little affects it would have a much higher rating.
It's a fun game but once you beat all the islands it's a bit of a wait for the next island, but its a fun fun game with alot of the things to do and it will take a while to beat each island so you will pretty much allways have something to do
9Lasting Appeal
It is very fun but there are a few problems and things that shold be changed ,but it seams like there is allways some thing to do ,and each island is a bit of a challenge but that makes it even better
(Out of 10)


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