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Sim Girl Trainer :

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SiM Girls 5.27 (Trainer v.1) by DE 4 KO

by akoaponno May 23, 2012

to use this trainer, just follow this step

1. download the trainer and sim girls 5.27 from official site or click this link (use IDM)

2. create a folder in Program Files, it should be like this "C:Program FilesSG"

3. copied the trainer into the folder, but don't open it.

4. copied the sim527.swf to the same folder

5. this is the important step, you are going to rename the swf file to "sg"(lowercase and with no extension(not sg.swf but just sg)) so the extension will disappear to. I will not explain this in this post because I'm a lazy guy :D but you can click this link to find out how.

So, there are 2 files in that folder, sg.exe and sg

and the last thing just open sg.exe and do nothing with the other files, ok.

Or better yet, you can download those 2 files in 1 in here or here

If you have some comment or idea just tell it to me.

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