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Wonderland Online Cheats :

This page contains Wonderland Online cheats list for PC version. Now we have 10 cheats in our list, which includes 2 cheats codes, 1 unlockable, 3 easter eggs, 4 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Wonderland Online on PC platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Juice Compounds and Manufacturing Ancient Bathtub and Storeroom.

by BloomMoon4ever May 28, 2009

Compound and manufacture systems are two most attractive and magic elements in Wonderland Online (http://wl.igg.com/main.php). Players may feel that their HP/SP food is far from enough to defeat monsters, or not quickly enough to recover their HP/SP. After you learn alchemy from the apprentice in the Welling Village weapons shop, these problems will vanish!

Before the synthesis to gain high valued juice, players need to collect enough materials, and the best places for newbies are North Island and Chicken Farm.

North Island: Players can get different kinds of fruits, vegetables and pollens by defeating jelly monsters.
Compound Strategies:
Fruit + Fruit=Juice (if the result is fruit, it can be compounded with more fruit again)
Vegetable + Fruit=Juice (Lower rate to get juice)

Chicken Farm: where players can get rice and seeds.
Compound Strategies:
Fruit + Rice= Juice
By drawing the seed into the Resource Recycling, players can also get some mushrooms.
Mushroom + Seed=Juice
Mushroom + Rice=Juice (Lower rate to get juice)

Syrup Types: Tomato Juice (+150 SP), Orange Juice (+150 HP), Grape Juice (+100 HP, + 150 SP).

Manufacture Strategies

Decorating the Tent is another important thing to do besides leveling up in Wonderland Online. Players can make various furniture. But there is some basic furniture that is a must for the newbie: Storeroom, Ancient Bathtub.

Items Needed: Lauan Wood*5, Wood*3. (Players can collect both of these at X: 4902, Y: 555 in North Island). There are 50 slots in the storeroom for players to keep items.

Ancient Bathtub:
The Ancient Bathtub is really important for all players especially the newbie. It can help them to restore HP and SP fast without having to use up their food. But its not so easy to make it.

How to make Ancient Bathtub:
1st: Make a Low-Temperature Kiln by using the Coconut Basin. (Players can buy White Clay in Welling Village or collect it at X: 3542, Y: 3835 right on the top of Welling Village.)

2nd: Make a Melting Furnace by using the Low-Temperature Kiln. (Players can collect Black and Yellow Clay at: X: 2442, Y: 615 where is the path connects the North Island with the South Island.)

3rd: Make a Hot Kiln by using the Melting Furnace. (Players can get Grey Clay at X: 3542, Y: 3835 right on the top of Welling Village.)

Finally: Make the Bathtub by using the Hot Kiln. (Players can get Original Rubber by defeating the tree demon behind Kelan Village.)
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Secret - Elin Quest

by BloomMoon4ever May 18, 2009

Ok, to get Elin you have to be lv 20+. You need rope ladder to climb down the well in Holy Village. You will probably need 3 lv 50-70 people to help you becuase you will be fighting 4 lv 60 trolls at the middle path. My suggestions are: 2 Fires for fighting and 1 Water for healing. After the trolls you will get a magent key. Then go into the right path and fight the 2 lv 70 E.T.s and go into Elin's room. For this you must have the maid clothes from the first house in holy. Click the girl in the tube. An E.T. will come into the room but the girl fights him off with the great bazooka. Congratulations! There's Elin! For a lv 30+ quest you can go into Oslaya and do the Elin Gun quest. Good Luck!

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Easter Egg - More HP and SP!

by BloomMoon4ever Apr 20, 2009

U know the hot springs don't u, if not, odd.......Go in there and stay for 3-6 hours. After u check ur char after that time, U'll find 10-50+HP and SP has been added! Ur points will still stay the same.

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Secret - How To Get Gold Without CheatEngine!!

by QueenAnima May 17, 2010

Okay, first you have to get the REMOTE CONTROL from AUNT in WELLING VILLAGE.
1) If you are less than level 10 you can go to KAMA CAVE in KELAN VILLAGE and auto there for about 3-6 hours, and when you sell the ORES to the SHOP KEEPER you will gain a few thousand GOLD.
2) If you are level 10 to 15 you can auto in CHICKEN PEN in NORTH ISLAND for about 4-8 hours, selling that you will get a few thousand GOLD
3) If you are a Level 15 or higher you should go to the TIP of SOUTH ISLAND and auto there for 4-8 hours and you will get a few thousand GOLD

This really works, after a hew days of doing this I have already gainded 9000k! Good Luck!! :)

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by Shadow987 Nov 17, 2008

when you make you char instead talking to the captain go through the door on thge left and talk to bartender repeatidly until she or he unil he/her asks if you want switch spots and you play as him/her

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Easter Egg - Two Good Ways of Earning Gold

by BloomMoon4ever Jan 06, 2011

It's been a while, and this time I'd like to share my experiences of earning some good gold. There will be two ways in this guide. One is the cheaper-free way(but gain less profit and more time consuming) and the more expensive way(but gain much more profit and some hard work)

Well I'll start on the cheaper-free way first.

There'll be a few simple steps to this....

Step 1# Make an alt

So get a new account and make an alt. I prefer Wind or Fire. It's just my preference though, you can do whatever you like. Unfortunately, this alt will have to be melee. So go and get it a pet, preferably melee as well. I use Roca(since she's the easiest, LOL)

Step 2# Gathering

Now go and level the character and pet up to about 12. Go and get 2 bows for the account and let the characters equip it. Oh, and yes you are going to do what you think you are going to do. Auto in chicken farm(with lots of HP food, of course. You won't need any SP food because you and your pet are going to just normal attack with the bows equipped) For convenience's sakes I would put rice, coprinus, seeds beside pineapple and grape in it)

Auto for a few hours and see how many stacks of seeds you got. It's OK to discard all but grape and pineapple, since they're the only one's we'll need.

Go get some organic muck. I don't care how, just do. At least 2 stacks. Then go make/buy the following items:

[Turf] [Parterre] [French Window] [Fence] [Manual Blender]

Step 3# Manufacturing

This is the most time consuming part. Oh, and I also recommend you go get a storeroom as well. It'll be really useful.

Anyways, place all those items near each other(except M.B., that can be placed anywhere since you won't need it to increase fruit manufacture amount). For a little time-cutting I would get air conditioning and stand clock(I think it's called). Then using turf, manufacture pineapple until you run out of materials. After pineapples, manufacture big grapes until you run out of materials. After that, manufacture as many grape syrups as you can. Get around at least 10 stacks.

Step 4# Selling

This'll depend on the place and server. I think the best place is the senior beetles in South Island. Go and set a stall just beside the cave and sell your syrups. The price will depend on the server you play in. In my server, Leo, it's around 45-55g each until it's overpriced and nobody buys it. And WHY will it sell good there? Have you ever heard of bursting?! Bursting takes a lot of SP, and just... 

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Secret - Get A New Makeover!

by Unregistered Sep 09, 2008

When you have just begun your character go to the shop (you know the bar) and go the the bar woman or whatever and keep on clicking her then sooner or later she'll say something about switching places And You say "Yes" then you get pigtails a new dress and a plate? You still keep your name color of hair skin and eyes but just your clothing hairstyle and you get a few acceroies for the hair and the plate?idk what thats for XDDD

Hope you have fun with this cheat!

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Unlockable - How to get the unlockable character on wonderland online

by wolflover1402 Feb 09, 2010

When you are on the boat at the beginning for your adventure, go into the room near the stairs, keep walking till you get to the bar with the girl standing there, click her constantly for 10 times of until she wants to trade places with you, then press yes and you should be her.

Brelliantwhen you are on the boat at the beginning for your adventure, go into the room near the stairs, keep walking till you get to the bar with the girl standing there, click her constantly for 10 times of until she wants to trade places with you, then press yes and you should be her.
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Code - Free extra training ticket + free item mall pet

by BlackHC Mar 16, 2011

wel its actualy very easy

when creating a new account add the code in to the buzz code box 10950455

finish the account creation download the game

make a char and do step 2 on the website

tada there you go 1 free training ticket + im pet

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Code - Wonderland Online Free IM

by Voodakilla Jul 27, 2011

As you know in wlo You can pay for IM I found out how to get it free. When your making an account write this down where it says Buzz Code

Enter:14039355 For free Sky swords and Snow ears allow two to three weeks

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