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Resident Evil 4 Review :

Resident Evil 4 spin off from zombies

by 6dark87 Jun 13, 2011

In Resident Evil 4 you play as Leon Scott Kennedy the main character in Resident Evil 2 though he don't have Claire Redfield with him he meets Luis Sera a Spaniard who helps Leon get pills to slow down the las plagas(parasite) that the leader Osmund Saddler put into Leon in the beginning of the game, and he meets Ada Wong who is also in Resident Evil 2 though she don't hang around with Leon cause they both have separate missions she helps when Leon is attacked by the village chief, gives him a ride to the island in a boat, end his fight with Jack Krauser (old buddy/partner of Leon's),helps kill last boss and gives him keys to a jet ski so he can get off the exploding island. The cult is called Los Illuminados.

The game overall gets all perfect 10's from me though *warning* it can be very difficult if you do not have the skills to play it.

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10Story line
Leon Scott Kennedy is sent to remote Europe to rescue the presidents daughter Ashley Graham from a cult which members are called ganados, and has to face village ganados who use farm tools as weapons,castle ganados who use medieval weapons and island ganados who use modern weapons.
Resident Evil 4's graphics are very good, it was a whole new turn on graphics for the Resident Evil games, though it was a new style of graphics which being completely better they still added the dark, gloomy and scary feeling to the game.
The sound affects for Resident Evil 4 is good there are sounds from the background while you play which can make you on the edge of your seat cause your listening not only to whats in front or behind you but all around you.
The gameplay for Resident Evil 4 is also different than the other games in the series, you can kick,climb,jump out(windows),take cover,knife and shoot all with good gaming movement and the use of look and sound.
10Lasting Appeal
Resident Evil 4 is one of the games in the series that has huge lasting appeal, to me this game will have appeal for up to several millenniums ;)
(Out of 10)


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