SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie Review

 [ PS2 ]

SpongeBob Squarepants: The Movie Review :

a nice game

by ziko Sep 27, 2010

This game might be too young for my age but it is (admit it) fun for all ages .You collected stuff along the way you battle bosses and use nice combanations of patrick and spongebob the two long time and current friends. The graphics are a little too far from the series but it is still good.The sound as the cries of sponghebob can be very annoying. Oh and all the readers come to my profile and wait for me in the chat box it is on the bottom of my page so come there and check if i did other reviews and i will also be doing a couple of hints of various games. So here comes the rest of my review

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9Story line
The story line starts in the bikini bottom and ends in a canyon.It might sound easy but it is really difficult.
The graphics are a bit cartoony which spoils them but it is still slightly good (a bit only thats sad)
The sound can be annoying but is great at some parts so it not the worst in the world so a fair rate.
The gameplay is the best as you must collect stuff to complety finish the game such as gold statues and ivory stuff.
10Lasting Appeal
All and all a fairly good game for (nearly)all ages and i hpe they get sponge bob in teens one day so good
(Out of 10)


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