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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats :

This page contains Call of Duty: Black Ops cheats list for Playstation 3 version. Now we have 49 cheats in our list, which includes 14 cheats codes, 1 password, 16 unlockables, 5 easter eggs, 6 glitches, 7 secrets. We hope information that you'll find at this page help you in playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on Playstation 3 platform. If you didn't find needed cheats put request or ask question about this at special section of the game. Also you can subscribe on all new cheats that we'll find for you in the future!

Easter Egg - Search and destroy easter egg

by DMK33 Jan 23, 2012

While planting a bomb in search and destroy your character will repeatedly push the combination 1-1-5 1-1-5.... (for people who don't know 115 is the element in call of duty zombies that turns dead people into zombies)

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Glitch - RAY GUN GLITCH!!!!

by Unregistered Jul 25, 2011

this glitch is called the raygun glitch when u shoot the center of a mystery box 4 times,go prone,get up then then repeat the first step shoot the center 4 times then i think it may give u a 45% chance of gettin the ray gun and just maybe thundergun and there r differnt ways of doin da glitch but this should be da easyiest glitch 2 do

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Secret - How to be safe on dogs

by Reznonv09 Nov 07, 2011

Here's an easy way to protect yourself from dogs in Kino. When u turn on the power, the curtains go up. There are 2 sets of stairs to get up onto the stage. On the left set of stairs, there is a plank in the corner that is half on the stage, half on steps. go on the plank during dogs. the dogs won't be able to hurt u at all.also it only works for the person on the plank. it will only help u, not ur friends. :(

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Glitch - Zombies Unlimited Ammo Glitch

by rangetwn3 Aug 25, 2011

This is hard to do, and might take several tries, but it works. Here's the steps.

1 : Go outside on Kino Der Toten ( Anywhere )

2 : Now, get the last zombie of the round, ( Don't kill him ) and drag him back into the house place

3 : Now drag him to the Mystery Box ( Shoot his leg like 2 or 3 times )

4 : Buy the mystery box AS the zombie swipes you.

5 : Run away

6 : Come back when your healed and the gun of the mystery box is there

7 : Take the gun, and TA DA! You have unlimited ammo ONLY on the gun you get in the mystery box

Hope this helped :)

Btw I got to round 35 cause I got unlimited ammo on ray gun >:D!

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Secret - How to easily kill George Romero in Call Of The Dead

by cyberdark Jul 11, 2011

You MUST do it on solo, because the more players, the more health he gets. A strategy I got for is:

Step 1) Either Keep restarting the game until the box spawns near you, OR you can go find the box after step 4

Step 2) Open the doors to the power, then turn it on. OR if the box has spawned near you like infront of the lighthouse or near the power room, open those doors/ use that first.

Step 3) Get to Juggernog! Presuming you have already bought a Quick Revive, You will need Juggernog to hold onto your current Quick Revive for a little longer, and to protect you from those double swiping zombies bastards.

Step 4) Go Find the box if you haven't already, but if you have, save up your points and keep going on it until you get a Ray Gun AND a good gun like RPK,HK21,Scavenger something along those lines, just NOT the V-R11.

Step 5) Next round, make a crawler. Then use ALL of your Ray Guns ammo. Don't try to worry about ammo, but be careful not to kill the crawler as if you do, a new round will start and you may not have enough ammo to survive or you may not have enough to kill Geogre afterwards.

Step 6) USe the Rest of your other guns ammo and more if necessary. I burned through an entire Ray Gun, An Entire RPK and half a Commando (Used the box and swapped it for the RPK) before I killed him, and remeber when The blue light on George flickers Orange, He's about halfway dead, and when it stays Orange He is about to die.

Have fun killing Geogre and getting that trophy!

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Code - List of orignal maps

by platinummaster8 Apr 06, 2011

These maps are the ones that you don't need to buy the map packs for.

Array- Good for long range fire fights and snipers. A large map.

Cracked- Full of war torn buildings. A large map

WMD- Abandoned Soviet base. A large map..

Jungle- Vietnam jungle. A large map.

Crisis- Hidden missile factory. A medium map.

Grid- Soviet intelligence station. A medium map.

Hanoi- infamous prison camp. A medium map.

Havana- Cuban city. A medium map.

Launch- Launch station of the Cosmodrome. A medium map.

Radiation- Uranium processing plant. A medium map.

Summit- Research lab on mountain. A medium map.

Villa- Cuban estate. A medium map.

Firing Range- Military practice facility. A small map.

Nuketown- Nuclear testing grounds. A small map.

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Code - All Pack-a-Punched Weapons- Pistols

by platinummaster8 Feb 21, 2011

CZ75 - Clamity Effect-More Damage, 3/10

CZ75 Dual Weild - Clamity & Jane Effect - More Damage, Large clip 4/10

Pyton - Cobra Effect - More Damage, Larger Clip, Speed Reloader 5/10

M1911 - Mustang & Sally - Effect Grenade Launcher Pistols, Dual Weild 5/10

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Unlockable - Thundergun in Campaign

by Mandeep911 Dec 09, 2010

Much like the Ray Gun in the previous game, the Thundergun can be unlocked in Black Ops by performing the following specific actions on the level "Numbers." After the interrogation ends, look for six canisters. Toss grenades at the canisters to the rear left and rear right. Shoot the other canisters until smoke is released. A black tape will appear out of a cassette deck. Grab it with the action button. Leave the room and head upstairs. Kill everyone and move to the rooftop and jump to the next floor. Weaver and Clark will move the fridge revealing a weapons cache. Here you'll find the a cassette player. Hit the action button here and you'll put the tape in the deck. You should hear music and the screen will shake and shortly the Thundergun will come out of the wall. Enjoy!

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Code - Good Team Deathmatch Class

by platinummaster8 Feb 14, 2011

Here it is :

Primary Weapon- Galil Silenced

Secondary weapon- Python Speed Reloader

Perk 1- Hardline or Ghost

Perk 2- Sleight of hand

Perk 3-Second Chance Pro

Lethal- Frag Grenade

Tatical- Flashbang

Equipment- Claymore or Motion Sensor

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Secret - Terminal Login Names

by dele Dec 09, 2010

At the cheat terminal, enter LOGIN and then the following login accounts and passwords to read various people's email. You can also use the DIR and CAT commands to view files after logging in. Note: Enter WHO to see a full list of login accounts.

  • Alex Mason / AMASON - PASSWORD
  • Dr. Adrienne Smith / ASMITH - ROXY
  • Bruce Harris / BHARRIS - GOSKINS
  • D. King / DKING - MFK
  • Frank Woods / FWOODS - PHILLY
  • Grigori Weaver / GWEAVER - GEDEON
  • John F. Kennedy / JFKENNEDY - LANCER
  • Joseph Bowman / JBOWMAN - UWD
  • Jason Hudson / JHUDSON - BRYANT1950
  • John McCone / JMCCONE - BERKLEY22
  • Lyndon Johnson / LBJOHNSON - LADYBIRD
  • Ryan Jackson / RJACKSON - . SAINTBRIDGET
  • Richard Helms / RHELMS - LEROSEY
  • Richard Kain / RKAIN - SUNWU
  • Richard Nixon / RNIXON - CHECKERS
  • Terrance Brooks / TBROOKS - LAUREN
  • T. Walker / TWALKER - RADI0
  • William Raborn / WRABORN - BROMLOW

You can also enter the RLOGIN DREAMLAND command to login to an account with MJ12 access. Here are the logins and passwords for Mj12 access:

  • R. Oppen / ROPPEN - TRINITY
  • V. Bush / VBUSH - MAJESTIC1
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Easter Egg - Play the song "Don't Back Down" by Eminem in Five zombie map

by cGub Nov 17, 2010

There are three red phones throughout the pentagon that ring and flash. The first is located where you first start after opening a set of doors in corner. Second is on the catwalk circling the room after leaving the first elevator. The third is in one of the rooms after leaving the second elevator on the floor the power is on. Just listen for a cell phone type ring and follow it to the red rotary phone. Look at them and hold X till the ringing stops and you hear a busy sound. Once you get the third the music starts.

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Secret - Pack-A-Punch on Five (Zombies)

by norbi123 Dec 09, 2010

I'm not sure if you guys knows this but me and some friends figured this out. If you want to reach the Pack-A-Punch on the Zombies mode "Five" map:

Make a crawler and go into the middle room and adjust the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5. Every teleporter will take you to Presidential Suite. All switches are in that room -- 3 are upstairs and 1 is downstairs.

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Glitch - Black ops dog glitch

by jeremy115 Sep 10, 2012

this is a glitch on how to be invincible during dog rounds.First you have to turn on the power because its in the theater.Next when you do,wait for a dog round or if it is,got to the telaporter(NOT IN IT OR USE IT).There is a curtain next to the teleporter.what you do is you have to got to the left of the teaporter right between the telaporter and the curtain.from there the dogs wont see you and you are invincible.NOTE:i dont think this works online cause it works for me and i dont have online and my freind has online and dosent work for him.

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Code - Ray Gun Glitch on Acsension

by nkm2000 Nov 11, 2011

to get A ray gun on first use of the box you must use the box and then turn on the power right before the gun comes up. it might take you a couple of tries but eventually you will get it right. hope you enjoy :)

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Code - Classic zombies nacht der untoten glitch

by strangecharm Nov 10, 2011

this is a glitch for the zombies upstairs.

open stairs in first room go out of grenade room turn right next to the window on the right you will see a paving slab,put your back to it,in front of you is a concrete pillar holding up the ceiling,you must align yourself looking at the floor the middle line keeping your back on the paving slab,you may need to adjust by moving ever so slightly to the right of it not much,you will know if its correct the zombies from window opposite will run into the grenade room and go down the stairs,they will pile up at the boxes just inside the help room.

now dont be silly now go to the radio to the left of the mystery box and camp there,be sure to take out the dudes who come from the thompson window and cave window first as they attack sometimes then whack out the others,be kind and save a crawler so the glitch man can go the box and get mule-kick,dont camp at the box open it move away then go grab your gun.

if you get ray gun before you get mule-kick then if your popped youll still have the ray gun just get mule kick again get your third gun,dont run about in the room or stand in front of the doorway as the dudes will whack you from behind if you play as a team youll get can do it solo with split screen 2 controllers.if all 3 players get popped then the glitch man will have to kill all zombies they dont kill each other then round over they still re-spawn so dont wait thinking they will die out..good luck.

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Code - How to kill George Romero

by Reznonv09 Jul 22, 2011

1) Pack a punch the ray gun (At the light house)

2)Shoot him (He'll turn orange)

3)That foo is dead!!!

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Secret - Where to find the Pack-A-Punch in the Zombie Map 'five

by platinummaster8 Jan 06, 2011

Make a crawler, then go into the middle room, and adjust the DEFCON level to DEFCON 5. All teleporters will take you to the Presidential Suite. All switches are in that room; three are upstairs and one is downstairs.
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Secret - How to Beat the Battle of Khe Sanh Trenches

by wildman_2006 Dec 09, 2010

At the Battle of Khe Sanh, you're told to clear the trenches. What is missed by most is a nearly inaudible clue telling you that there are barrels full of napalm. And, more importantly, there's no help in telling you what to do with those barrels. Shooting them does nothing. Neither does trying to clear the trenches with one of the mounted machineguns, as the Viet Cong keep pouring out in an endless wave. Nope, you have to run to two of the giant, striped barrels near the bottom of the hill and kick them down into the trench. There are two of them. Hide behind the sandbags and take shots at the VC until it's relatively clear. Make a run for the nearby barrel and use the prompt to stab it and kick it down the hill.

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Unlockable - Change Music

by rayquarza54399 Dec 09, 2010

On the Zombies map Five, approach the red telephones and hit the button prompted to change the background music to "Don't Back Down" by Eminem. There are 3 red telephones in all: One by the Quick Revive machine, another on the second floor in the center of the room and a 3rd one is in the room with the Pack-A-Punch machine.

If you shoot the mannequin heads in Nuketown you'll hear "Sympathy for the Devil" by the Rolling Stones. -Drunksocks

In the Zombie map "Kino Der Toten" there are 3 pieces of a meteorite located throughout the map. The first is by the stairs when you start the level. The second is in the "boiler room." The third is in the "dressing room." Hit the prompt when next to the piece and your character will say a line about the meteor -- when all 3 pieces have been found, "115" by Elena Siegman will play. -jacobosin

Also, on "Kino Der Toten," in the first room upstairs from where you start, there are 5 pictures on the right. Four of them are the characters you play as and one is blacked-out. You can examines these to hear your character say something about each one. -Jeff

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Password - DREAMLAND SERVER - Usernames and Paswords

by cGub Dec 02, 2010

This server is named after a common nickname for Groom Lake or Area 51. The users on the servers are all Majestic-12 members and the content can be related to the Zombie storyline. The members (or their father) are all highly educated elite status secret MJ-12 Group members that were theorized to be at some point in their life involved with the UFO activity research group Credit to BLACKOPSTIGER

Username: roppen Password: TRINITYRobert Oppenheimer User
Username: twalker Password: THANKSDADT. Walker User(This user is most likely the son of Eric Walker)
Username: vbush Password: MAJESTIC1Vannevar Bush User
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Easter Egg - Activate Secret Song in Kino Der Toten

by cGub Nov 19, 2010

There is always a secret song in every Zombies Map. For Kino Der Toten, you have to find the 3 Meteor rocks. The first is on a pedestal in the main lobby, in a corner behind the soda. The second one is in the dressing room near some Dummies, this one is also on a pedestal. the final one is the room upstairs near the ally way. The rock is on a dresser type thing sharing some space with black marquee letters. These rocks while small are easily distinguishable as they have red veins. You must hold the USE button on your controller on these rocks until your character says something or the veins glow red. The song is called "115" by Elena Siegman.

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Easter Egg - Nuketown Mannequin Secret

by cGub Nov 17, 2010

On the multiplayer map Nuketown if you blow the heads off of all the mannequins in a short amount of time the song Sympathy For the Devil by The Rolling Stones will play in the background

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Unlockable - Unlockable

by lilta255 Jun 13, 2012

if u have a ps3 press L2 + R2 at the same time till u get up.Then when u get up go look for computer then put in the code that i give u.

Unlockable:How to unlock:
3ARC UNLOCKas a code to unlock the "Five" Zombies mode map, Dead Ops Arcade game, Zork: The Great Underground Empire text-based adventure game, and all missions
ALICIAas a code to unlock the Alicia virtual therapist game
"DOAas a code to unlock the Dead Ops Arcade game, which is a zombie killing mini-game similar to Smash TV. Use the Left Analog-stick to move and the Right Analog-stick to shoot. Note: Play the Dead Ops Arcade game to get the "Insert Coin" trophy.
"ZORK" or "HELLO SAILORas a code to unlock the Zork: The Great Underground Empire text-based adventure game. Note: Play the Zork game to get the "Eaten By A Grue" trophy.
"HELPas a code to display a list of system commands in the terminal and Pentagon user e-mail access.
CAT [filename]" or "PRINT [filename]"as a code to open the corresponding file
DIRas a code to display a list of audio files and pictures for use with "CAT" command
WHOas a code to display a list of login names for use with the "RLOGIN" command (requires passwords).
"LOGINas a code to login with a corresponding username and password
"MAILas a code to open the mail folder for the current user
DIR" or "LSas a code to display the contents of the current directory
ENCODEas a code to encode a string using the CIA's cypher
"DECODEas a code to decode a string using the CIA's cypher
FOOBARas a code to display "Fee Fie Foe Foo!".
"rlogin dreamlandas a command. You will be prompted to login with an account with MJ12 access. Use one of the following usernames and passwords to continue:
Username: "roppen", Password: "trinityLogin as Robert Oppen
Username: "twalker", Password: "thanksdadLogin as T. Walker
Username: "vbush", Password: "majestic1Login as Vannevar Bush
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Glitch - Nuketown rooftop glitch

by gonzola4 Sep 21, 2011

first you must get a care package but don't use it. then go to either the green or yellow where the roof on the garage sticks out more than the other and throw the care package marker under the car and it should land on the car. jump on to the car and then the care package and hopefully you can get on to the rooftop.

comment if it doesn't work and ill try and check it.

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Code - The table glitch and main computer glitch

by daronray Sep 12, 2011

If you have updated then the way to unpatch all glitches is to erase your game data utility and ur top memory file for the game. Then after you do that you go on the zombie level "five". Then you have to knife the two lower corners of the barrier on the right side near the small longer kind of table. then you keep jumping on the left side of the barrier where it looks sharp. Keep jumping till ur not on the floor anymore then jump again onto the second wood part of the barrier, jump one more time till ur on top of the door where ur in front of the american flag. Then face the skinny table and jump and run at the same time and hope u land on the table. Then jump onto the next part of the table and the zombies should just run around the table. Kill them and get tons of points, don't get too close to the edge or they can kill you. If u don't land on the table the first time just keep trying over and over. By the way if u aren't good at timing this glitch may be a little hard but don't get too agrivated just keep trying. then after u have about 20,000 points turn on the power and buy juggernog then turn the last zombie into a crawler near the computer. Wait till the crawler hits u and then jump right then! you should be on a side rail. (This is why you need juggernog) it can still hit u but walk very slowly and jump onto the computer then jump on the true top of it. Kill the crawler and enjoy killing zombies or jump on the machine across dont fall off! Jump behind the corner machines near the elevator and ull barely be behind the map and dont worry you can kill the zombies through the machines. u cant get out though sooo choose carefully. oh and if u unpatch the glitches you cant play online but dont worry black ops gets new glitches all the time but anyway enjoy!

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