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This cheat for Fallout 3 [Playstation 3] has been posted at 23 Feb 2010 by deoraven and is called "Multiple Followers". The Cheat have a rating 1 by 1 our users. If cheat is usable don't forgot thumbs up deoraven and share this with your freinds. And most important we have 2 other cheats for Fallout 3, look them as soon as possible!

Secret - Multiple Followers

by deoraven Feb 23, 2010

Perhaps some other user has already given out this trick but i noticed that i haven't so here it is.

During a "normal" playthrough of the game you should only be able to have one follower plus dogmeat. But by using a couple of tricks you can get as many as you please or even ALL of them, which enhances the RPing aspect of the game.

1) Dogmeat has a "Reserved" follower spot. So if you don't plan on keeping him or simply would rather have an extra follower than the dog then recruit him and then kill him. This will free up a permanent follower spot, that can be filled by any other follower so long as you fit the requirements (if any).

NOTE: make sure you already have a follower before killing dogmeat because the next follower you recruit will take his spot.

Also if you have the GOTY edition or the broken steel add-on then at level 22 you can select the perk "puppies" this perk gives you a new dogmeat whenever the old one dies. So you can keep killing the new dogs to get ALL followers. However, whenever the dog is killed a new one spawns at 101 almost immedietely so if you have puppies you might have to bring the dog with you where your next follower is and kill him there.

2) Cross : You can get cross the first time you meet her regardless of how many followers you have so long as you have good karma and do as follows.

When you first speak to her she'll mention your father, make sure you speak nicely of him otherwise she won't join you.

Secondly, at one point in the conversation with cross you come up with the following options:
"I want you to come with me."
"I don't suppose I could stop you."

You MUST choose the second one "i don't suppose i could stop you." This way she'll join you even if you have fawkes or charon (she wouldn't join you if you had either one of the two otherwise) and regardless of how many other followers you have.

3) When you meet Fawkes in the entrance of Raven Rock, he'll initially join you even if you have other followers. However, you will need to act quickly. Save immediately as you walk out of the large metal door of Raven Rock, before doing this. Before he speaks to you as you exit Raven Rock, you'll need to fast travel away from the location, pickup all other companions and then fast travel back. Fawkes may attempt to follow the Enclave soldiers that run away, and disappear (or be very hard to find), forcing you to reload and try again.

4) Clover: Make sure you have jericho as your follower and, of course, bad karma and the necessary amount of caps.

When you enter Eulogy's Pad in paradise falls before speaking to him try to make sure clover and crimson are a little away from him. Then get close to eulogy, before speaking to him talk to jericho tell him that he's fired and quickly speak to eulogy after. Tell eulogy you want to hire clover and exit the dialogue. Then clover will start walking towards you which is why you want her a little away because you'll need to speak to jericho and re-hire him before clover reaches you.

If you were able to re-hire jericho before clover introduces herself then she'll join you regardless of how many followers you already have since you freed up a spot by firing jericho before hiring her.

NOTE: this only works (or works better) if you already have jericho in your party. Since you need bad karma to hire clover and no other follower except jericho can be hired if you have bad karma.

You could fire charon instead of jericho since all you need to re-hire charon is his contract but by doing so with bad karma you risk having him turn hostile. Which is why it's best to fire jericho instead. If you don't plan on keeping jericho you can always get rid of him AFTER clover joins you to free up a spot for another follower.

The "clover" trick can also be used for RL-3 by either firing butch (neutral karma) or charon before RL-3 introduces himself. Firing charon while having neutral karma is not risky at all as he won't turn on you.

NOTES: All of these tricks, except the dogmeat one, becomes null and void at certain times in the game.

These are:

Entering the Pitt/Point Lookout/Mothership Zeta will make the game automatically fire your followers and they'll all return to their "waiting" places and your follower spots are reset to one plus dogmeat. And since the fawkes/cross/clover tricks can only be done the first time you meet them you'll lose all of them except one if you go to these places after doing these tricks. So it's best, if you're planning on going there, to do it before you use these glitches.

Also when you get captured in vault 87 by the enclave the same applies. Your followers are fired and your follower spots are reset to one plus dogmeat.

Also when you enter the "tranquility lane" simulation, sometimes (same with anchorage), your followers will act as if told to wait. You'll need to tell them to "let's go" in order for them to join you again. This can be especially troublesome with cross, since sometimes you do not even have the option of telling her "let's go". The only way to get her to follow you again is to fire her and re-hire her. To re-hire her you need good karma at least. Although having your followers set to "wait" instead of set to "fired" by the game shouldn't reset the follower spots.

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