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jun 12, 2012Pokemon Platinum [ NDS ]   Unsubmitted

Hey everyone evilraichu here with a big request! Ok so i just restarted my pokemon platinum game and i love raichu. And so i was wondering if someone who is really good at making action replay codes for pokemon could make me a custom code that gives me a shiny female pichu that has volt tackle on it and the following info: brave nature, hates to lose. I want this code to automatically put it in the first slot of your party by clicking l+r+select. And has high stats in all the categories making it like an ultimate pokemon when she is finally a raichu and is at lvl.100. And it's at a level 5 when you activate the code and it is in your party, it and has the hp of 40. And the ot won't be under any other name as it i had received it from trade, it has to be my ot name like how it goes when ever you catch a pokemon or receive one like you do at the beginning of the game. Thank you so much!! ~love, evilraichu Additional details: P. S. Make sure that this code works by testing it before posting please!!! Thanks again!!

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