Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Review

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers Review :

I'm a Crystal Bearer...I can handle it solo!

by aurionsama Apr 25, 2012

This game, like all the other Final Fantasy games, has an exceptional storyline. You play as Layle - a crystal bearer with a knack for trouble. When Layle encounters a Yuke - a member of the lost tribe- on his lattest gig, he instantly becomes involved in the middle of the conflict. This game is about restoring balance of power, and overcoming evil. Lilty, Clavat, Selkie, and Yuke must learn to work together.

Layle even picks up a slightly ditzy sidekick - a Selkie called Belle. She appears throughout the game and offers a romantic aspect to Layle. He also interacts with several other characters throughout the story, including the princess of Alfilitaria, Cid, Keiss, and Viagali. Layle and Belle become "Wanted" and are on a constant run from the law.

Whether you prefer to travel by Chocobo, Warp Portal, Train, or Walking, you are sure to enjoy Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers!

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10Story line
Wow. Not only is the story meaningful, it also has a decent plot! You can never quite tell what characters' motives are, and the games keeps you guessing with each plot twist.
These are probably some of the best graphics that I've personally seen for the Wii platform. I'm continually impressed with the amount of detail that was put into every single aspect of the graphic design. From the sunset, to Layle's clothes, to the grass beneath you - it all looks so real!
As always, the music in this game was incredible in my opinion. However, I leave a little room for improvement to keep the possibilities open. One thing I really appreciated was that there were very specific sound effects for change of terrain - such as splashing around in a pond.
The only complaint that I really have about this entire game is the gameplay. You can complete the main storyline so quickly and easily that you have to do all the sidequests to get a challenge out of the game. That being said, the sidequests are the primary reason that I love this game.
9Lasting Appeal
The way in which the game ended left me wanting to play it again- which is exactly what I did. I think that feeling alone is an accurate representation of a fantastic lasting appeal.
(Out of 10)


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