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nov 10, 2012MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Im stuck decorating the dorm on royal academy. While placing items in construction mode, before Im done the interest blocks or nature etc., turn red and lock up, not letting me place any more. I tried multiple combinations of items to no avail. Does anyone know whats up? This happened once before on another island but I worked it out somehow. Should be easy but it keeps locking me out. Cant get all the points needed to finish.

nov 10, 2012MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Im in construction mode at the dorm at the royal academy, and while placing interest block items, it turns items red and wont let me place more before Im done. Ive tried many combinations of things and at a certain point all blocks just lock up and turn red. It happened on another island but I got it to work, not sure how. Why is this?

aug 20, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Submitted

how do you get all the cow in there hut?

jun 10, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

On cutopia where do you find Goby essence I need two and I cant find them

apr 09, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

on cutopia how do u give the guard the video game? if anyone answers thank u

mar 27, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Can someone please do a walkthroug on how to pass rocket reef?

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feb 24, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Can someone please tell me where to get all the pieces of armor and the figurines. PLEASE HELP!

feb 14, 2010MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Has anyone got a cheat to make your personal island bigger? I mean there is only one small block of land on it and not even a fishing post!! =(

jul 16, 2009MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

I would like to request a guide for scrolls

dec 30, 2008MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

Can someone please make a walk through for the entire game?

dec 26, 2008MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

How do I get past Renee's Nature Walk?

dec 14, 2008MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

I need to unlock the gate and i already connected the computer. Help me please.

nov 30, 2008MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Unsubmitted

can someone make a walk through for the rocket on how to get the scroll,build it,and power it up.

nov 22, 2008MySims Kingdom [ WII ]   Submitted

MySims Kingdom, walkthrough, need help locating robofish

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