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Need for Speed Carbon Review :

My 2nd review on NFSC.

by cheatgurugye Oct 25, 2010

Ok, sorry about my first review. I was in a hurry and it didn't load the first time so yeah, it was a bad review. So here's my new inproved review.

Ok, at the time I wrote my review for this game, I hadn't beet the game yet. But now I have! So basically you start the game a couple of years after the ending to NFSMW. So for those of you who don't know, there's three types of cars, Tuners, Muscles, and (my personal favorite) Exotics. There's also four terror torries in the game owned by TFK, and I forget the other three,. But anyways, you start off the game by you driving a BMW and your trying to escape from CROSS (a bounty hunter). But here's the rest of my review.


  CheatsGuru rating and opinion
6Story line
The storyline basically includes you buying cars, beeting bosses, escaping from cop chases, ect... I gave it a six because the ending is really dumb, and you can't get anymore money after you beat the game! SO that means, no more cars!!!!
The graphics are awsome. The cars, buildings, ect, are totally awsome!!! The damage done to your car also looks cool!
The sound is wicked!! The car's, the crashes, cops talking to each other through their radios, sounds so cool!!! The only problem is how loud it can get.
The gamplay overall is pretty good. The quick races, getting reward cards, making your own cars, ect... is awsome!
8Lasting Appeal
The game overall is ok. The quick races, getting reward cards, making your own cars, ect... The cop pursuits are also awsome. But I guess I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone that hates loseing, because you'll lose alot during this game.
(Out of 10)


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