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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review :

GSP - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

by AlexGETsomePIE Sep 15, 2010

First, let's start off with the campaign. After taking a short tutorial, you are thrown into a course where what difficulty you are advised to play at is recommended. After selecting your difficulty and going through a short cutscene, you are immediately put into a combat situation. The combat in this game is fluent, you simply aim and shoot. Most AI's die in 1-2 shots regardless of the difficulty, which is disappointing. The environments vary greatly, and never get boring. One mission are you in an urban area while the next you are in a desert. There is no local or online co-cop for campaign, which should be noted. Overall the campaign has a great story line and fluent gameplay, despite the "harder" difficulties being only a little harder than the easy or medium difficulties.

As far as the multiplayer goes, it's okay. it's fast-paced and most enemy players die from 1-2 shots, and with almost all weapons being burst fire or auto fire, it might as well be one shot. There is a very small learning curve, and someone who just got the game a day ago could very well beat someone who has been playing it for months. It's more of a game of who sees who first. Most of the maps are ripped straight from campaign, but that doesn't devalue them. Multiplayer is fast-paced and generally fun, but it definitely has it's flaws and doesn't match up to other games on the market.

Special Ops is another feature of the game. It, unlike campaign, features local and online co-op. There are missions where you do specific things. It might be to save hostages or to eliminate all of the enemies. Special Ops is no doubt one of the better aspects of the game. The difficulty of the missions are balanced, and beating them on the hardest difficulty presents a challenge but not to the extent where you would get frustrated and quit. There are 21 missions in total, all with three different difficulties. The maps are ripped straight from the game, but just like multiplayer they don't feel repetitive.

Overall, this game is pretty good. The story line is great and the multiplayer fast-paced and fun. I am looking forward to future CoD games.

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9Story line
The story line is amazing. There have been mixed reviews about it, but in my opinion it's one of the best story lines of a game I've played yet.
The graphics are great, but not absolutely stunning. The game does look beautiful and vibrant, but there are definitely games that have better graphics than MW2.
The voice acting is very good, and the music. The sound effects are very realistic. There really isn't much to say here.
The gameplay is great, but unfortunately the multiplayer came up short for me. There is a very small learning curve as far as multiplayer, and it's really easy to kill somebody. This isn't a problem in campaign however, and makes defeating enemies feel extremely rewarding.
7Lasting Appeal
The game has decent lasting appeal. Through spec ops, campaign, and multiplayer chances are you will put a lot of hours into this game. For me however, the multiplayer wasn't good enough to give a lot of lasting appeal like other games this generation.
(Out of 10)


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