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Gears of War Review :

Prepare for Carnage...

by yoshi114 Jul 16, 2012

When i First got this game, I had rented it from my local video store, and got ready for my first third-person shooter on the 360. What i got? The one and only, genre defining TPS with all the ultra-violent graphics and gameplay shooting games were intended to have. Needless to say, the game kick ***. You start the campaign as Marcus Fenix, a former convict rescued from prison by his friend Dom Santiago. Getting the hang of the controls was a bit tricky for me, being use to the Halo format, i eventually caught on by the second Act. The game is divided into Acts, and Chapters, each one getting closer to the conclusion of the extermination of the Locust, who are a subterranean race of aliens living underneath the very planet. Your mission? Destroy the bastards and get the survivors of the planet to safety. You and Delta Squad, must go on many dangerous missions to achieve this impressive feat. Facing incredible obstacles such as the many species of Locust such as Corpsers, Reavers, and Brumaks being the most deadly. The game focuses on using cover and hiding behind obstacles to survive and outsmart your enemy. The game wasn't TOO hard, considering i beat it on Casual, although some parts are significantly more difficult than others. The game was also much more gory than i had expected it to be, such as stomping of the heads of your enemies, or blowing thier heads off with a shotgun. The game features unique weaponry such as an assault rifle with a chainsaw called a Lancer. The game also features regenerating health instead of a health bar. As for the conclusion of the game, I didn't even know the boss I was fighting WAS the actual final boss, considering it is on a train car. (odd place for a final fight eh?) The game got a little repetitive with combat, and that is when you try online play. I am terrible at it. But that doesnt change the fact that it was an amazing game. I would recommend this to any fan of the shooting genre. Although most people already have the game, or played it. Happy killing sprees to all! -yoshi114.

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8Story line
The story was exciting, makeing me always want to know what they would do next. Not at all hard to follow. The acting was fine for my taste, I don't notice bad acting very well anyway. Save the world is the general idea, and kill your uninvited alien freinds as well.
For its time,(2006 i believe.) the graphics were actually really good. Detailed objects and textures, characters, Great graphics to sum it up.
The music was intense, as well as the sound effects. The music fit most situations very well and provided a great way to make the battles more intersting.
Gameplay wise, it was a little repetitive, take cover, fire at the enemies, duck down, fire again, i had fun though. I like third person shooters, the only one i played before this was Starfox Assault. The genre makes great use of stealth.
8Lasting Appeal
Haven't played it ever since the I started playing the second one. Don't get me wrong, the game itself was excellant, but the story was rather short, and I didn't get into the multiplayer much at all. Gears of War is a groundbraking game, great graphics, sound, gameplay, totally worth the money.
(Out of 10)


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